Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best Performance Ever!!!!!

The American Idol franchise has produced a few really good artists like Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson. I personally, am not an American Idol watcher but I had to tune in when I heard about an artist named Candice Glover. The performance I witnessed was her own rendition of “Lovesong” originally sang by the group “The Cure” and more recently covered by Adele.

I was blown away, Candice’s performance was effortless, and I felt chills.  She performed that song as though it belonged to her. I immediately wanted to hear the original song and Adele’s version and after listening to both, I conclude that Ms. Glover nailed it by far. I could not help but think of the comparison to Whitney Houston when she covered Dolly Parton’s song “I will always love You” which was originally a country tune but Whitney transformed it into a soulful rendition and it became her signature song as well as made Dolly Parton a great deal of money.I watched her performance of this song at least ten times, and other songs covered by her in this season of American Idol. I foresee her career taking off very soon in the near future. I also confess I will be watching a lot more of A.I.

The Braxton’s Family Value’s star Tamar Braxton sang her new song “ Love and War” on the Wendy Williams Show and I was very impressed. I am a viewer of this reality show, and I had no idea that Tamar could sing like that. I actually watch the show because of Tamar; she is hilarious. I also enjoy watching how truly in love Vince and her seem to be. I am publicly informing the world that I am a “Ta- mar-shin”. Recently she announced that they are expecting their own little "love on top"and I am so happy for them. I am also looking forward to watching their new reality show the Tamar & Vince Show.


Hip-Hop Passed the Torch!!!!

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is better known as the artist Kendrick Lamar from Compton California. Kendrick is the hottest hip-hop artist in the music industry right now. Every interview from aspiring artist like Travis J to established artist like Lady Gaga mentions how they desire to work with him. Kendrick started his career with a mix tape when he was in his teens under the moniker K-DotHe steadily increased his fan base though a large Internet following. His popularity eventually got him signed with the independent label Top Dawg Entertainment in 2003There are three other artists on this label named SchoolBoy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul, when the four perform together; they are called the Black Hippy.

Lamar has spent most of his time grinding on tour all over America and abroad introducing his new music to his fans. He did perform songs from his previous mixtapes as well as perform with other members of the Top Dawg Entertainment label. He also performed with old school rappers like Snoop Dogg and Dre who symbolically pasted the torch to him as the next generation of rap.

On March 30, 2012 Kendrick Lamar had an interview with Danielle Haring from XXL where he expressed his thoughts on the deal that was inked with Interscope Records -Aftermath.  

He states that he has complete confidence in his representation at Top Dawg Entertainment. 
He states that this label has looked out for him thus far, allowing him to concentrate on being completely creative without having to worry about the business end of the music industry. He also mentions in the interview, his debut album and the fact that he has not chosen a title as of yet. Soon after that interview, Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records-Aftermath released Kendrick Lamar’s debut album called Good kid, MAAd city. This album is currently experiencing major success in 2013, with songs like Swimming Pools and Poetic Justice from this album.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking Expert Advice

Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran both gave great expert advice regarding different aspects of a business plan. I agree with Kevin when he states that a business plan idea should have the capability of being explained in 90 seconds or it is dead in the water. The major concepts of a plan for opening a business should be very simple to convey once the decision is made to involve investors. Angels have the resources to make a new product available to large masses as well increase the products potential revenue return.

Barbara Corcoran stated that although a written business plan is important, it is more important to be able to explain your business plan verbally. I agree with Barbara as well, a written business plan is very effective especially when the process is in different phases of being built. In the initial stages though, being able to express your vision of a business may get a better response and give a business a faster leap of getting stated. 

I intend to incorporate both pieces of advice from the experts, Kevin O’ Leary and Barbara Corcoran for my business plan. In a sense, both experts completed the same thought. They discussed the power of expressing your plans for a business by speaking to people. 

An investor’s main and only concern when deciding to back a product is, can and how much money they can get back in return? When I approach investors about my ideas for my business, I will make sure I gather and express clearly all the pertinent information about my plans as well as how much money it will make my potential investors. I will make sure I explain the details in 90 seconds.

The section I consider to be the most important to the investors reading my business plan is the monthly sales projections. This section allows the investors an opportunity to see how much revenue my company has the potential of making up to three years. 

Shark Tank


YE Young Entrepreneur

Friday, March 8, 2013

Expert "Sharks"

Kevin O’Leary is Canadian, his humble beginnings started when he created software for children in his basement called SoftKey Software Products. After his company started making money, he began buying up his software competitors. In 1999, O’Leary sold his company to Mattel Toy Company for 3.7 Billion dollars. Afterward, he started his own mutual fund company called O’Leary Funds. Kevin is best known for his role on the show “Shark Tank” where he appears to be cold, arrogant and unapologetic. 

Kevin O’Leary’s idea of a critical key component of a business plan is it being explained in 3 to 4 minutes or 90 seconds, impacted with all the pertinent information about the company. He states, ” The quicker you can tell your story while maintaining clarity, the better off you will be! As the old sayin’ goes keep it short, sweet and to the point.” This is key according to Kevin an investor, a business is dead in the water, if it takes too long to explain.

Barbara Corcoran is a native of New Jersey, she only maintained a D average as a student in high school and college. She was a 23 year old waitress with at least 20 different employers under her belt before she figured out what she really wanted to do. Barbara borrowed $1000 from her boyfriend and started a real estate company in New York City. Twenty-five years later, she sold it for millions and soon after became a billionaire. She is well known now as being an investor on a reality show called “Shark Tank”.

Barbara spends a lot of her time now giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and one of the key components of a business plan she advises is not to get so hung up on a written business plan. Written business plans can be very complicated and in most cases some guidance is needed. She states, “Your mouth can be far more valuable than anything you put on paper”. This is key because you can use your voice first to pitch your ideas and this is the "business plan that counts" especially in the early days of start up companies.

Google Images,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43287494,d.dmg&fp=fea509ddcfa1eae6&biw=990&bih=764

Shark Tank


YE Young Entrepreneur

Thursday, February 21, 2013

His Name is TRAVIS J.

Allow me to introduce a young new hip-hop artist who goes by the name of (Travis J), born Travis Johnson, December 11th, 1989, in Richmond Virginia. In 2008, at eighteen, on the same day he graduated from high school, he became one of our brave soldiers in the United States Army. Even though, he was serving his country overseas, he still found time for his music. Travis J. performed for his fellow troops in outdoor shows in far away places like Afghanistan.

Travis J. is back on U.S soil now and currently living in Orlando, Florida pursuing a recording engineering degree from Full Sail University. This twenty-three year old has been dreaming of stardom since he started writing lyrics at the age of eight, and he is finally ready to unleash his music to the world. According to his rough recollection, he has over 700 songs ready but wants to take his time. Music is his life and he wants to pace himself.

On February 18, 2013, I was sitting in a Starbucks on one of the coldest days in New York City, on Face-Time interviewing Travis J. from his home in Orlando, Florida. I could not help but be impressed with his clean-cut demeanor and enthusiasm as he talked about his dreams, lyrics, goals, and his brand called Knue Era; which includes him and about seven other talented brave soldiers of our great country

Below are some of the of topics we covered:

Q. What is Knue Era, What does it stand for?
A. Travis J. It’s about change, its exactly what it says, it’s about a new generation of music. We are the next torch carriers. I want it to be the door that opens everything else. KNUE ERA stands for KNowledge, Understanding and Equity, and that’s how we live our lives.

Q. Where do you see yourself in three years?
A. Travis J. I see us touring in three years. That’s what I really want to do. The last show we did was with South-by-South West, last year. I love touring.

Q. Where can your fans find your music?
A. Travis J. YouTube under Knue Era T.V, Benofficial films for all my videos, to name a few (Wicked Visions, Digg it) and  Soundcloud  to listen to my most recent songs (I can do it too, Hold up, Everyday, Real or Not). 

Q. What artist inspired you?
A. Travis J. Well, I was inspired by a lot of artist but to name of few; Tupac, Snoop-dog, JayZ, and Kanye.

Q. Is your music similar to or different from the music today?
A. Travis J. It’s similar and it’s different at the same time. My music is unique because we are in a lane that has not been touched. I don’t know any rapper who has represented being in the military or who has rapped about it. No one has touched that area; I feel we can be the pioneers to make it cool to be military and make music. Just like Wiz made everybody want to smoke, and J. Cole made it cool
to be in school and rap. We will be the ones that represent the soldiers returning home from the military and making their dreams come true in music.

Q. Who are the artists you want to work with?
A. Travis J. Wow, there are a few, but definitely Erica Badu, Coldplay, and Kendrick Lamar.

Q. What Producers do you want to work with?
A. Travis J. The list is so long but the top two would have to be Timbaland and Pharrell.

This interview lasted for more than an hour, I will have to post the rest of it at another time; but I would like to add that it was a pleasure interviewing Travis J., I have no doubt he will reach all of his goals.
Travis J. is an artist on the rise! He plans on making his mark in the music industry. I predict that Knue Era will be the next generation of entertainment music royalty. This solider is determined and armed with education, talent and preparation. He is ready for the battle of entry into the music business, everything in his life has led him to this point. But mark my words, when he does, some will still try and call it Luck!

Check out his Music and Videos by touching the hyperlinks: Benoffical and Soundcloud to listen to music by Travis J.

Interviewee Travis Johnson
Photos provided by Travis Johnson

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Digital marketing is necessary in all aspects of the entertainment today. Digital technology has been an asset to the artist and talent management industry. It is one of the largest tools used to propel artist from one plateau to the next in the area of marketing in order to ensure the artist’s growth, transition and sustainment in the business of entertainment.

One of the leading artist management companies is Primary Wave Music. Prime Wave Music is an independent music publishing, marketing and talent management company founded in 2006 by Larry Mestal. They handle the careers of major artist like CeeLo Green, Trina Braxton, Eric Benet, and Busta Rrymes. Recently, Primary Wave merged with Violator Management. In doing this they also acquired the management team of Michael “Blue” Williams who is well known for managing artist in the area of hip-hop and R&B. Blue was also the partner of the owner and CEO of Violator Management, the late Chris Lighty who suddenly pasted away last year. Lighty was very influential in making the rapper Fifty-Cent a millionaire with the well-publicized deal with the energy drink Vitamin Water.      

Robert Dippold heads the senior director of Primary Wave Music’s marketing department along with his two digital marketing managers Melissa Berlin and ReVal Davis ensure the advancement of the artist managed by Primary Wave Music. One of the major tools used by Primary Wave Music marketing team is called BrightShop. This group over-sees BrightShop within the marketing department; it is a production and digital marketing shop based within Primary Wave Music located in New York City. The staff is looked upon as the “super group” of digital marketers with brand and entertainment client experience. This group makes sure the talent and artist represented by Primary Wave Music reach their goals as well get them executed properly though as many channels as possible like digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns necessary to get that artist to the next level.

These are screenshots displaying the demographic measurements of visitors of this site and filter as a demonstration of digital marketing.

Primary Wave Music

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Music Distribution

In a time not so long ago an artist had to basically get signed to a record label before they could get their music distributed. Technology has evolved so quickly that independent artists can do for themselves what they used to need music labels to do for them instead. Most of the assistance comes from something called a music aggregator.  An aggregator helps artists get their work distributed using mainstream platforms though digital content distribution.

The music industry had to find a way to recoup the slump in CD, record and album sales. It will continue to change because the industry as a whole has started figuring out ways to fix the problem of lost sales. Some retail sites like iTunes and Tunecore require their customers to go though one of these channels before making a purchase.

Digital distribution is becoming the new normal in the music industry. This is great for new artist; it allows them more control over their work then ever before. The times of waiting to get picked up from a label in order to get an artists career started is no longer standard. An artist only needs to develop a fan base in order to get their music purchased.

Some of the aggregator sites like, and Sound provide things like virtual showcases. A showcase is used to introduce a new artist to influential individuals in the music industry.

Digital warehouses like Nokia Music, MediaNet and RedDotNet are just some of the distribution centers for Media and retail. These warehouses are so huge they service 
a large portion of the music industry. Some of the ways they are able to do this is by selling music to the public by virtual means. Every time a customer purchases a ringtone or download they are accessing what is called a digital jukebox.

Craft, Kimberly M.M J.D, Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution second edition