Friday, July 20, 2012

People Behind the Voices

Voiceover talent is a very big area of entertainment that is not discussed as much as other areas in the industry. We all listen to voiceover artist everyday in television, radio and streaming commercials without realizing it. In a way, voice-overs as a whole is the one art we take for granted. We never pay attention to recording from the automated voice heard when we call our service companies, or when we look at our favorite documentaries, or wildlife animal specials and especially cartoons; we just expect the magic voice to tell us the story without thinking of the actor behind the scene who is reading a script; or that by simply reading words with emotion could materialize into a lucrative career just like an on screen actor or radio personality.  

Here are a few voice actors you may have heard of...........

                                         But without a doubt you have heard their voices.........

Don Lafontaine is called “The Voice” he has been the voice behind the most famous movie trailers in movie history. Don was the man who changed the industry of how movie trailers were announced. He also lends his voice to television and radio.

Keith David is just as popular on screen as he is as a voice actor behind the scenes. In front of the camera we are familiar with seeing him play roles as the big stuff intimidating type. But as a voice actor he gets the opportunity to be the voice behind a variety of different advertizing promos, commercials,  narrative spots, and cartoons.  

J.K Simmons is another actor who we all know from shows like Law and Order and The Closer as well the face of the guy from those crazy Farmers Insurance commercials. But Simmons also has an impressive voice over resume. He is also the voice of several different cartoon characters.

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