Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Agent or Manager?

Once upon a time there was a clear distinction between the job description of both agent and manager but that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. An aspiring talent's first step used to be to get an agent who finds them work in the industry in exchange for a 10 percent commission. Once the talent becomes a budding star then the talent hires a manager to assist in guiding their career for a commission that can go as high as 15 percent. But today, the role of the agent is slowing disappearing and the manager is now meeting those responsibilities. A large percentage of newly minted managers working in the entertainment industry today used to be talent agents.

In California there are laws that govern the difference between the two. Basically anyone can call himself or herself a manager; and a managers job is to make sure everything that is in place happens like it should. They take care of the artist’s best interest. In order to be an agent you have to be licensed by the state of California. According to California law the definition of a talent agent is “a person or corporation who engages in the occupation of procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to procure employment or engagements for an artist.”     

It is really important for the talent to choose wisely because it could be what gets and keeps them on top in the industry. For the most part as the talent begins their career it is not necessary to have either agent or manager. They should build their career on their own first. After the talent’s career is in a place where jobs are being offered instead of auditioned for, they might consider getting a manager.

Luckily, the trend of the managers having both the skills and the responsibilities of an agent along with the ability to negotiate, the talent should be in good hands. It is also good for the talent to understand that once they reach a certain level of establishment in the industry managers will find them, they will not need to look far.

Kamal Moo

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