Sunday, November 11, 2012

Managers backstage

The Ross Report used to be where we looked for industry reference. Today a website called backstage is how we direct new talent to start in the industry. The raines have been passed to backstage magazine for talent to use in search for a lifeline into the entertainment industry. There are several websites used by artist managers in the business but the best resource for information evolving what matters in entertainment is the backstage. 

This magazine is considered the entertainment bible in the industry. Backstage has been the best source for talent since the 1960’s; it is updated every two weeks to keep the industry’s information current. It provides information about pre and postproductions of films, television, stage, commercials, and web series from New York City to LA. Auditions, castings and all other industry positions or job opportunities in the entertainment business can be found in backstage.  

Backstage is used as the directory for anyone who is interested in working in the entertainment industry. Talent who are currently seeking management representation will find at least 658 managers listed in backstage to choose from. The list is categorized in areas of representation. It provides background information regarding the person or company, contact information and submission policy if necessary. In most cases information is not available unless the talent becomes an account member of backstage magazine. It is well worth it, so many jobs and networking opportunities have paved the way to success from these resources.

Backstage also keeps their subscribers updated on celebrity interviews, news, and audition calendars. This information is important because it keeps the talent in the loop of what is happening in their area of interest. I would recommend any talent or interested industry hopeful to begin their career by getting a subscription to backstage magazine to start their quest of entering into the business of the entertainment.   


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