Friday, August 10, 2012

The "ATA"

ATA President Sandy Bresier and ATA Member Harry Gold
The Association of Talent Agents (ATA) is a Los Angeles based non- profit trade association that has been in business for seventy years. They have two primary offices, which are located in Los Angles and New York. ATA membership consists of agencies that represent clients in stage, television, radio, commercials, motion pictures and literary work. The original name for the ATA was Artist Managers Guild when it started in 1937 but was changed after the courts upheld the Wagner act. Today, it is one of the most respected associations in the talent industry. ATA also partners with another association called the NATR (National Association of Talent Representatives) and collectively it is estimated that together they represent 90% of the artist working in the entertainment industry as well employ one thousand talent agents in the business.
Agents at ATA make sure that the artists they represent have secure opportunities. They keep their clients updated with the most current information in technology used in the market as well as in the entertainment industry. ATA has a direct affiliation with the newly combined union SAG-AFTRA. Any information about the union can be found directly on ATA’s website under union news. 
Some of the benefits of being a member of the ATA are: ATA/Sag residual tracking, membership discounts, round table discussions with peers, daily email blast and monthly board meetings.

ATA has several services that are available to all the members of the association such as:

ATA provides assistance in dispute resolution provided for agency regulations and contracts. 
In addition, they set up procedures for SAG-AFTRA agencies termination process.

ATA assist members with commission grievances and contracts, employee changes, referrals related to bonds, insurance and health care.

ATA conducts regular meetings with members, employees, and unions to keep all affiliates up dated with any new legislature.

Talent agency licensing, laws relating to talent agents, and provision laws relating to agents in California are linked on the website so when information can be accessed easily.

This concludes our brief look at the Association of Talent Agents and what it has to offer a business involved in the talent market. The ATA is an important organization for the talent management and talent agency industry because it provides help with services from every aspect of owning a business in the talent industry.



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