Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Either you know what your passion is very early in life…….. If you are lucky!!!!!
Or like most of us we find that our passion takes years to figure out …….So we think!

I believe our passion surfaces the first moment someone asks, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and usually we are about five or six when we answer that question. Unfortunately, by the time we grow up and start learning from our parents, our peers, our history, and soak up all the media influences, we begin to loose our passion or push it so far back in our subconscious that we forget about it. We unknowing go though life after digesting other outside influences trying to figure out something we have only buried. Some of us remember in our early teens and some of us remember late in life, but unfortunately some of us get so distracted from life that we never remember.
I believe everything eventfully comes full circle. I can only be certain of this from my own life experiences. When I was a little girl, I answered that question by saying I wanted to be an actress. By the time I went to college I started to pursue acting but changed my major to computer programming because “they” said it was the future and that was the smart thing to do. Later I became bored with it and changed my major to communications. Years went by with me trying to play by society rules, but I would always find positions where I was the center of attention like bartending. By the way, if I could do that job forever I would, because it has all the elements I love. When I bartend I am an independent contractor, I make my own schedule, I determine my own salary and I am the center of attention for eight hours a night...... Or is that thought my passion surfacing?
Even now my passion has kept me involved in the entertainment industry as well as fuel my love for voice-acting. Passion is a strong emotion, I find that it does not matter how fast you run from it or how deep you hide from it, it will surface and some how direct your life journey.

The TED talk video I chose is called "The Third Act" with Jane Fonda, she has always allowed her passions to direct her life’s journey. Jane is one of those people I have always admired because she has always been honest about her passions though out her life. In this video, she is passionate about sharing her experiences during her present journey, the "Winter" of her life. I enjoyed the brief glimpse she gave me in this “Talk” because God willing, one day I will be on the same journey.    

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