Sunday, February 10, 2013


Digital marketing is necessary in all aspects of the entertainment today. Digital technology has been an asset to the artist and talent management industry. It is one of the largest tools used to propel artist from one plateau to the next in the area of marketing in order to ensure the artist’s growth, transition and sustainment in the business of entertainment.

One of the leading artist management companies is Primary Wave Music. Prime Wave Music is an independent music publishing, marketing and talent management company founded in 2006 by Larry Mestal. They handle the careers of major artist like CeeLo Green, Trina Braxton, Eric Benet, and Busta Rrymes. Recently, Primary Wave merged with Violator Management. In doing this they also acquired the management team of Michael “Blue” Williams who is well known for managing artist in the area of hip-hop and R&B. Blue was also the partner of the owner and CEO of Violator Management, the late Chris Lighty who suddenly pasted away last year. Lighty was very influential in making the rapper Fifty-Cent a millionaire with the well-publicized deal with the energy drink Vitamin Water.      

Robert Dippold heads the senior director of Primary Wave Music’s marketing department along with his two digital marketing managers Melissa Berlin and ReVal Davis ensure the advancement of the artist managed by Primary Wave Music. One of the major tools used by Primary Wave Music marketing team is called BrightShop. This group over-sees BrightShop within the marketing department; it is a production and digital marketing shop based within Primary Wave Music located in New York City. The staff is looked upon as the “super group” of digital marketers with brand and entertainment client experience. This group makes sure the talent and artist represented by Primary Wave Music reach their goals as well get them executed properly though as many channels as possible like digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns necessary to get that artist to the next level.

These are screenshots displaying the demographic measurements of visitors of this site and filter as a demonstration of digital marketing.

Primary Wave Music

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