Thursday, February 21, 2013

His Name is TRAVIS J.

Allow me to introduce a young new hip-hop artist who goes by the name of (Travis J), born Travis Johnson, December 11th, 1989, in Richmond Virginia. In 2008, at eighteen, on the same day he graduated from high school, he became one of our brave soldiers in the United States Army. Even though, he was serving his country overseas, he still found time for his music. Travis J. performed for his fellow troops in outdoor shows in far away places like Afghanistan.

Travis J. is back on U.S soil now and currently living in Orlando, Florida pursuing a recording engineering degree from Full Sail University. This twenty-three year old has been dreaming of stardom since he started writing lyrics at the age of eight, and he is finally ready to unleash his music to the world. According to his rough recollection, he has over 700 songs ready but wants to take his time. Music is his life and he wants to pace himself.

On February 18, 2013, I was sitting in a Starbucks on one of the coldest days in New York City, on Face-Time interviewing Travis J. from his home in Orlando, Florida. I could not help but be impressed with his clean-cut demeanor and enthusiasm as he talked about his dreams, lyrics, goals, and his brand called Knue Era; which includes him and about seven other talented brave soldiers of our great country

Below are some of the of topics we covered:

Q. What is Knue Era, What does it stand for?
A. Travis J. It’s about change, its exactly what it says, it’s about a new generation of music. We are the next torch carriers. I want it to be the door that opens everything else. KNUE ERA stands for KNowledge, Understanding and Equity, and that’s how we live our lives.

Q. Where do you see yourself in three years?
A. Travis J. I see us touring in three years. That’s what I really want to do. The last show we did was with South-by-South West, last year. I love touring.

Q. Where can your fans find your music?
A. Travis J. YouTube under Knue Era T.V, Benofficial films for all my videos, to name a few (Wicked Visions, Digg it) and  Soundcloud  to listen to my most recent songs (I can do it too, Hold up, Everyday, Real or Not). 

Q. What artist inspired you?
A. Travis J. Well, I was inspired by a lot of artist but to name of few; Tupac, Snoop-dog, JayZ, and Kanye.

Q. Is your music similar to or different from the music today?
A. Travis J. It’s similar and it’s different at the same time. My music is unique because we are in a lane that has not been touched. I don’t know any rapper who has represented being in the military or who has rapped about it. No one has touched that area; I feel we can be the pioneers to make it cool to be military and make music. Just like Wiz made everybody want to smoke, and J. Cole made it cool
to be in school and rap. We will be the ones that represent the soldiers returning home from the military and making their dreams come true in music.

Q. Who are the artists you want to work with?
A. Travis J. Wow, there are a few, but definitely Erica Badu, Coldplay, and Kendrick Lamar.

Q. What Producers do you want to work with?
A. Travis J. The list is so long but the top two would have to be Timbaland and Pharrell.

This interview lasted for more than an hour, I will have to post the rest of it at another time; but I would like to add that it was a pleasure interviewing Travis J., I have no doubt he will reach all of his goals.
Travis J. is an artist on the rise! He plans on making his mark in the music industry. I predict that Knue Era will be the next generation of entertainment music royalty. This solider is determined and armed with education, talent and preparation. He is ready for the battle of entry into the music business, everything in his life has led him to this point. But mark my words, when he does, some will still try and call it Luck!

Check out his Music and Videos by touching the hyperlinks: Benoffical and Soundcloud to listen to music by Travis J.

Interviewee Travis Johnson
Photos provided by Travis Johnson


  1. Nattalia-

    I am absolutely excited to have read this article on Travis J. You have done an excellent job outlining his goals as an up-and-coming artist. And to Travis J: First off, let me be the first to say, THANK YOU. Thank you Travis J for your service abroad for our wonderful Country. I also thank you for keeping your fellow troops entertained while amidst combat. The avenue you are going is definitely something that has not been touched upon, and I see much success in your future. At the very least, you are a shinning example of what someone can do after their service with the military. I will be following your career, and hope to hear wonderful things about you.

    Wonderful post, Nattalia. I thank you for sharing such a powerful piece with the class.



  2. I had the pleasure of deploying with this bright young man. His music is refreshing in a time where the music is lost to trends and fads. Trouble Twin 1 reporting live!

  3. I was really interested when reading your interview with Travis J. It is amazing to see what he has accomplished over the years. Thank you to Travis J for your service. Thank you for everything you've done for this country. Thank you. I'm really interested to hear some of his music, don't think I've ever heard of a rapper who has touched on the military in their music. The name KNUE Era intrigues and stands out to me. Travis knows what he wants and at seems like he's stopping at nothing to reach his goals and dreams whatever they may be. I like his style. Would like to know more about Travis J. Can't wait to read the rest of your interview Nattalia!

  4. Nattaila,

    I really enjoyed reading your post about Travis J. You really gave some great background information on this artist, as I have never heard of him or his music before. I also thought the interview questions that you asked, were well thought out. I enjoy hearing about up and coming artists and what their vision and goals are for the future. I feel as though he was clear about his vision and gave you great answers. I am not a big fan of rap, but it is good to hear that he is still able to do what he loves most….music. Thanks for sharing!

    Mandisa Johnson